Contractor. Graphic Designer/ UI designer animator

Freelance contract

Rate: Hourly. TBD based on experience.

We are looking to hire immediately.  

Ronin Design is looking for a Graphic designer / UI designer responsible for creating unique, user-centric products and experiences. The ideal candidate will have experience working in agile teams and with UX designers. You will be able to make deliberate design decisions and to translate any given user-experience journey into a smooth and intuitive interaction.



  • Be a great team player, experienced in working with agile teams. Ability to collaborate closely with developers, copywriters and UX designers.

  • Create, improve and use wireframes, prototypes, style guides, user flows, and effectively communicate your interaction ideas using any of these methods.

  • Present and defend your design decisions. All your design decisions should be based on the overall design roadmap as well as your own design thinking and fundamental principles (i.e. color theory, visual weight, etc.)

  • Continually keep yourself and your design team updated with the latest changes in your industry’s standards.

  • Create decks for presentation




Desired skills

Adobe creative suite​







To apply, submit your resume, work samples or website to:


Studio Manager Maureen

About Us


Ronin were masterless Samurai. Some were rebels armed with tremendous abilities and discipline. Though they understood the world of honor, loyalty, and tradition, once released by their masters they would forge their own paths, defying convention while upholding their inner values.


Ronin is an advanced UX UI design studio providing solutions for the future of mobility. Ronin design is focused on offering unconventional solutions to a continuously evolving industry. We don't abide by the status quo, we don't believe in following trends, we believe as the Ronin did, in forging our path and offering something truly unique in the areas of UX, UI, autonomous vehicles and emerging technologies.


At Ronin, we serve the user first. We do so in a holistic manner that includes respect for nature and openness to diversity.  We tirelessly search to improve the user's life and their environment utilizing, data drive design and empathy as our core tools. Our values of honor, service, humbleness and fierceness in pursuing what is right for the world drives our philosophy. 


Design is the sword used to cut through convention.

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