Contractor. Motion graphics designer / UI styling.

Freelance contract

Rate: Hourly. TBD based on experience.

On studio and remote

Date: From Friday June 29th to Saturday July 7th

Ronin X Design, an advanced UX UI design studio providing solutions for the future of mobility, is seeking a freelance Motion Graphics/Graphic designer to work on a revolutionary UI design project.


Work can be done remotely.


We are looking for someone with strong conceptual skills and ability to explore different visual styles. Ideally, you can take a concept to animated execution. Artist should be deadline driven, organized, and detail-obsessed. A self-starter who has top-notch interpersonal and communication skills, able to work independently and collaboratively.


What You'll Be Doing:


  • Design style frames and impactful UI designs.

  • Design startup sequences.  

  • Create the next visual style for next-generation vehicles.

  • Working as part of a team using data and creative directions as insight for your design.

  • Quickly translating team and client feedback into revised designs or concepts



  • Strong design and animation skills

  • Clean design aesthetic

  • At least 3-4 years experience working within agencies or with brands

  • Demonstrated proficiency in Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya or C4D

  • Directly report to the CEO with deliverables and develop key understandings of best practices.

  • High regard for conceptual thinking and creative ideas that push boundaries beyond the norm.

  • Understand new design trends


What We Offer

  • Smart colleagues who genuinely like working together

  • Small company where co-founders work at the same table as the team

  • Relaxed dress code


Submit resume, portfolio or work samples with a breakdown and explanation of your role to:


About Us


Ronin were masterless Samurai. Some were rebels armed with tremendous abilities and discipline. Though they understood the world of honor, loyalty, and tradition, once released by their masters they would forge their own paths, defying convention while upholding their inner values.


Ronin is an advanced UX UI design studio providing solutions for the future of mobility. Ronin design is focused on offering unconventional solutions to a continuously evolving industry. We don't abide by the status quo, we don't believe in following trends, we believe as the Ronin did, in forging our path and offering something truly unique in the areas of UX, UI, autonomous vehicles and emerging technologies.


At Ronin, we serve the user first. We do so in a holistic manner that includes respect for nature and openness to diversity.  We tirelessly search to improve the user's life and their environment utilizing, data drive design and empathy as our core tools. Our values of honor, service, humbleness and fierceness in pursuing what is right for the world drives our philosophy. 


Design is the sword used to cut through convention.

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